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Ian Burrell, Media Editor of the Independent in an article he wrote on the 6th July, reported that the BBC Trust, its governing body, had criticised the number of programmes on ‘collectible hunting’ and property shows being run on the BBC’s daytime schedule. According to the article, the Trust wants to encourage the BBC to improve the ‘quality and ambition’ of daytime programming on BBC1 and BBC2 for the autumn.

The success of antiques programmes on the BBC however is surely a testament to their longevity where Antiques Roadshow has been running for 31 years and Bargain Hunt has just celebrated its ten year anniversary. Other antiques shows like Cash in the Attic have also been running for some considerable time now. It may also be that the Trust is not receiving enough emails from our aging populations who may be quite happy to get regular helpings of Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, Homes Under the Hammer and Cash in the Attic, and that some could get upset when these programmes regularly get sidelined by any form of sport that comes along from the World Cup, to Wimbledon, snooker, golf, or any televised public event.

Admittedly some of the newer BBC antiques programmes don’t always get it exactly right, but the older ones like Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt tend to. Plus programmes like these are not just fun, but very informative too. For instance, one recent morning’s scheduling on BBC1 was taken as a case in point in the article, where a community programme was followed by a property programme to be followed by two antiques programmes. The community programme showed ways in which poor communities could help themselves; the property programme keeps people abreast of the housing market and the antiques programmes inform about the history and value of items, so the scheduling would probably entertain a large percentage of the population.

Interest in antiques is a growing national phenomenon. When shopping for antiques such as antique cabinets, Lancashire dealers should have a selection of period and revival pieces.

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