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July 7, 2010 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets,Antique Tables,Antiques on TV — Harriet

A new BBC programme on antiques is looking to find an antiques master from amongst the general public.

The programme which was aired on BBC2, tended to focus more on contestants’ knowledge about antiques rather than their value although that comes into the programme as well where the very best and most precious of items are lined up for inspection.

The programme named Antiques Master and described by BBC Breakfast presenter Sian Williams as ‘giving antiquing a competitive edge’, was presented by comedienne Sandi Toksvig and Antiques Roadshow expert Eric Knowles who assessed the contestants. Formats included placing antiques along a time line, spotting fakes, and a beat the buzzer contest at the end.

There have been some complaints from purists recently that televised antiques programmes seem to focus too heavily on the value of items rather than their history and rarity. On Breakfast Eric Knowles described collecting antiques purely for their intrinsic value as a rather soulless occupation. Also when asked on the programme ‘what is an antique?’ he replied that technically an antique is over 100 years old but this term has become quite elastic where many people collect Art Nouveau and Art Deco, plus 1950s antiques are also now becoming very collectible.

The general public is certainly becoming far more knowledgeable about antiques with programmes like Antiques Roadshow, Bargain Hunt and Dickinson’s Real Deal being aired regularly. For those that wish to buy or learn more about antique furniture, with regard to antique tables, chairs or antique cabinets, Lancashire antiques dealers will always be pleased to impart with some of their knowledge on the topic.

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