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September 24, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Chests,Victorian Dining Chairs — David

Barry Thomas, aged 66 presented the Antiques Roadshow with its most unusual item to date; a loo roll which The Beatles refused to use. The item presented a conundrum, as experts from the popular programme couldn’t place a value on it.

Back in the 1960s, The Beatles had caused a stir while recording at the Abbey Road studios, as they pronounced the loo roll as “too hard and shiny”. Each sheet of the toilet roll had been stamped with the official EMI company logo, which The Beatles thought was disgraceful. In 1980, the manager of EMI, Ken Townsend sold the toilet roll which was presented with a humorous letter of validation. Barry Thomas bought the loo roll for £85 and recently presented the item to experts at the Antique Roadshow. Fiona Bruce, the host of the antiques show said:

“What level of fame do you have to reach before your rejected loo roll is something sold at an auction?”

Thomas bought the toilet roll as a bit of fun, wanting something to remind him of the days at Abbey Road studios. When he presented the item to experts at the Antiques Roadshow, they said they couldn’t put a price on an item which was so unusual, although a Japanese fan of The Beatles has offered £1,000 for just one sheet.

If you are more interested in purchasing antique furniture than toilet roll, you will find a good selection of antique chests and Victorian dining chairs in Preston and surrounding areas, which have been authenticated and valued by experts.

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