22 Apr 2021
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A new book and bed hotel in Naples, Italy, has bedrooms full of books and antique furniture for visitors to appreciate.

Most modern hotels have televisions to entertain guests, but Mooks, a new hotel in Naples, takes guests back to a time when an evening’s entertainment consisted of reading a good book. Each bedroom in the hotel is furnished with antique furniture and has wall to wall bookshelves filled with all types of books. As well as modern books, there are rare antique volumes dating from the 1740s.

Bedrooms have about 4,000 books on their shelves which are not arranged in any particular order. This is because, according to the CEO of Mooks, Antonio Serpe:

“We wanted our guests to have fun in discovering the books, and maybe stay awake to carry on this fascinating search.”

The first book and bed hotels were opened in Tokyo. Japanese hotel owners showed that the concept of a book filled hotel makes business sense and more are being planned. Two are opening in 2020 in the Italian cities of Milan and Rome. So far, there are no British book and bed hotels, but plenty of country house hotels offer books for guests to read on antique chairs in their rooms.

In Lancashire, you will find dealers with many fine examples of antique settees to buy for your home where you can sit and read a good book, and antique bookcases to store books.

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