14 Apr 2021
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Bridgerton, the popular period drama on the streaming service Netflix, is set in 1813, during what is known as the Regency period. The series features antique furniture from the period, and as many viewers love the look of the programme, it has fuelled demand for Regency-style furniture.

Antique furniture expert Amelia Walker is not surprised by the increased demand for Regency furniture. Speaking to Tatler, she said she has noticed that every time a period drama is popular on television, it makes antiques from the period it was set in more popular. She cited Pride and Prejudice from the 1990s and the more recent Downton Abbey as examples of successful period television dramas that influenced antique buyers.

Bridgerton was filmed at various stately home locations in Britain. Although the storylines are fictional, the rooms in which it was filmed feature genuine antiques and art from the Regency period.

Regency furniture often features carved motifs inspired by Egyptian and Chinese design. Timbers tend to be dark and rich, and brass inlays and bronze mounts feature on many pieces. Champagne was popular in the period, with ornate wine coolers made to keep the Champagne bottles chilled.

Fine Regency furniture can be expensive, and buyers can expect to pay several thousand pounds for quality antique coffee tables and chairs. However, Regency furniture was made to last by skilled craftsmen, making it a good long-term investment. You will find a selection of fine Regency period furniture at Lancashire antique dealers.

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