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February 12, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

The Sun newspaper reported last week that well known antiques expert Lars Tharp has sanctioned its Suntiques Roadshow where the general public is being asked to check out their garages and antiques for undiscovered treasures.

Lars, a ceramics expert from the Antiques Roadshow, has said that:

‘Britain has probably more historic material per head than any other country,’ and that ‘There is lots of potential treasure in cupboards out there.’

The Sun is asking anyone who feels they might have anything valuable that they want looking at to email the features section of the newspaper with an image of the piece.

The Suntiques idea followed a featured story by the Sun on a valuable vase that was owned by a couple in Dorset. It turned out that the vase, which they used as an umbrella stand, was a Chinese masterpiece and worth half a million pounds. The blue and white vase was thought to have been made for the Emperor Qianlong around 1740 and had been in the couple’s home for 50 years. It was spotted during a valuation of the contents of their property. The piece may also have connections to the family of Florence Nightingale which also adds to its interest. Ceramics experts have all agreed that the vase is of very high quality.

Items which have come from charity shops, car boot sales or from granny’s attic pop up on programmes like Flog It! and the Antiques Roadshow all the time which shows that ‘finds’ are still out there. Antiques dealers in Preston, Lancashire, Cumbria and throughout the country are pleased to give appraisals on any pieces of antique furniture, glass and ceramics.

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