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November 6, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques Advice,Victorian Dining Chairs — Richard

The Shropshire Life website has some excellent advice for buying antique desks, chests and other “brown” furniture in the run up to Christmas. The advice, given by Jeremy Lamond of Halls auctioneers, is based on trends seen in their Shropshire auction room, but is just as relevant to buyers in Cumbria.

Victorian dining chairs , tables, cabinets etc – collectively known as brown furniture – are often derided by the press. However, Jeremy says this is national opinion, and the market is very much a local one. If you have a specific piece in mind, now is the time to buy – because in regions like Shropshire and Cumbria, Victorian dining chairs and other brown furniture are highly sought after. So, what are the trends this Christmas?

Firstly, the recession has given Victorian antique furniture in general a bit of a boom, as folk are staying put in their homes rather than moving. People who would previously never have given a second thought to Victorian antique desks are now investing in them to give their homes a “posh” new look.

Secondly, with Christmas approaching, Victorian dining chairs and tables are becoming highly sought after as people ponder the implications of having a large crowd round for dinner at home. Again, the recession is partly to blame – people are celebrating Yuletide at home, instead of eating out or going away.

Thirdly, there’s a general trend towards investing in larger furniture such as antique desks, wardrobes and cabinets, probably aided by popular period TV programs like Downton Abbey and Murdoch Mysteries.

The message is simple. If you see a set of cheap Victorian dining chairs in a Cumbria antique dealers, buy them – because you’ve made a sound investment.

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