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July 2, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

When Burnley recently hosted the popular TV programme Antiques Roadshow, the people of East Lancashire flocked to Towneley Hall with their treasures. Antiques experts, including Eric Knowles, were on hand to carry out appraisals of the collectibles and antiques brought along on the day. Towneley Hall, a Grade I listed building, was popular with all the team at Antiques Roadshow, including presenter Fiona Bruce.

Eric Knowles has a particular fondness for Burnley and Towneley Hall, visiting on a regular basis. He credits Towneley for his interest in history, as he used to visit as a small boy with his family members and imagine the Round-Heads, the Tudors and the Cavaliers. In addition to being a Clarets fan, he still visits at least every two years. Fiona Bruce particularly enjoyed her time at Towneley, impressed by the Hall. She said:

“I went down the Leeds Liverpool Canal through Burnley on a canal barge and have spent time in the hall here and I am very favourably impressed.”

One person to visit the appraisal was SonicNobody from Brierfield. He brought along a collection of figurines and crockery that he had collected from car boot sales and second hand stores. According to Will Farmer, a ceramics expert, one of the plates he had paid four pounds for was actually worth £100.

For people searching for items like antique furniture, Lancashire also has a number of antiques dealers who are happy to display pieces such as open bookcases and Victorian dining chairs .

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