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November 30, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Harriet

Buying a holiday home abroad has become a popular pastime for the English. In the UK where house prices continually out price both Europe and the US, many Brits see buying a house abroad as a mouth watering investment where they not only get more for their money, but get better weather as well.

The UK’s nearest neighbour and one of the most popular places to buy a house is France. However there is always a slight niggle when the British buy houses in France because historically the French don’t like the English very much and the English rarely make any attempt to learn French which aggravates the French even more.

There are ways however that the British can ingratiate themselves with their French neighbours. One way of course is to learn to speak French. Another is to buy local food and wine and embrace the culture that way. However, a third and probably less considered option is to fill the house with French antiques; you can buy French antique furniture in Preston, Manchester, Birmingham or anywhere and antique dealers will be able to ship to your new home.

An obvious appreciation of French antique furniture will endear even the hardest French heart towards the English tourist and will immediately remove cultural barriers in the process. French rustic furniture like the French holiday home will also be a very good investment for the canny British buyer. If and when the house is offered for sale, the antiques can be sold with it which increases the attractiveness of the overall package to a prospective purchaser.

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