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April 29, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

If you’re looking for an antique chest or set of Victorian dining chairs , Cumbria and Lancashire have a rich supply of antique shops to choose from. Now, those antique traders – and their clients – could find themselves transported into television stardom. ITV’s Secret Dealer is currently shooting a new series, and the team has been scouring the length and breadth of the country for volunteers.

They’re so keen for contestants from the North West they’ve even put ads in the Lancashire edition of Gumtree, so if you’re in Preston and have an antique dining table you want to sell, they want to know about it. They’re also keen to involve antique dealers from Lancashire, as the antique desks and Victorian dining chairs being sold by the contestants need to be valued – and find a new home.

This is the second series of Secret Dealers, which made its highly successful debut in Autumn 2010. It is made by RDF, the same production company responsible for antique programmes like Real Deal. Two familiar London faces from that show – Ian Towning and James Layte – have already signed to the new series, but the team are keen to find new talent and are hopeful provincial antique dealers will try their hand.

From Victorian dining chairs to antique desks, Preston antique dealers are always happy to give valuations on your antique furniture, whether you want to sell it or just get an estimate for insurance purposes. The esteemed cabinetmaking firm Gillow’s had its home in Lancashire, so your antique dining table may be worth more than you think!

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