13 Apr 2021
May 2, 2011 - Filed under: Victorian Dining Chairs — Richard

The internet is the ideal place to hunt for bargains – if you’re looking for electrical gadgets or modern fashions. It is not, however, the ideal place to look for valuable antique chests or Victorian dining chairs – you should only do this if there is a guarantee offered. Yet many Lancashire buyers do just this, despite the risks involved.

When it comes to buying an antique desk, or selling Victorian dining table, the internet certainly has its place; after all, practically every antique dealer in Lancashire has their own website. These are ideal for valuing your own antiques, getting ideas of prices and seeing what’s available in your local antique shops. However, you should never buy antique furniture from an online dealer who hasn’t got a shop or showroom. Just like buying anything “on spec,” if you can’t see the item for real, you take a gamble on what you’re paying for.

Many so-called antiques are anything but Victorian. Dining chairs that look suspiciously uniform and unworn are likely to be modern reproductions – or at least certainly less than 100 years old. This doesn’t mean the vendor is being deliberately fraudulent; more than likely, they’re simply uneducated in the area of historic furniture, and consider anything which looks old-fashioned to be antique. It’s vital when buying antique dining chairs – in Lancashire or anywhere else – that you are confident of their age and history.

The antique dining tables and Victorian dining chairs of Lancashire antique dealers are often offered for sale online, but they are experts who pride themselves on their honesty and expertise. They will always let you see the goods before buying.

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