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May 15, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Richard

A museum in Tulare, California, has been able to create a new exhibition thanks to antiques that a local family have donated.

The Antique Farm Equipment Museum at the International Agri-Center now has a display of pharmaceutical equipment, antique cabinets and models of cattle.

The antiques that were donated date back to 1922, when a drug store was opened by A. T. Ezell in the town of Bellflower. The store supplied medicine to farmers for their livestock. In 1944, Durk Sybesma was hired by Ezell to sell and deliver pharmaceutical goods to dairies in the local area. This arrangement continued after the store relocated to Tulare. Eventually, Sybesma bought Ezell Sales Inc. and continued to trade until he died in 2012.

Over the years, Sybesma and his family collected many items from the store, including the original cabinets that had been installed at the Bellflower location. The antique cabinets were donated to the museum in addition to the other items by the family.

The CEO of the International Agri-Center, Jerry Sinift, spoke of being honoured that the Sybesma family had shared a piece of history with the museum, which can now be viewed by the community.

Antiques do conjure up images of the past and what life was like, especially items that would have been used on a regular basis, such as antique settees. Preston has a number of antiques dealers with a selection of antique furniture, all with a unique tale to tell.

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