22 Apr 2021
June 29, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

Marc Alum, an expert for many years on the television programme Antiques Roadshow, told a reporter from the Daily Express that a Leica camera he valued almost 20 years ago was sold for a considerable amount more than his original valuation.

His valuation was given on a 2001 edition of the programme when a member of the public brought in the 1932 Leica Luxus II camera, one of only four made. After he valued the camera at £5,000, the owner kept it and it did not come up for sale until 12 years later when it fetched £380,000.

This significant rise in valuation illustrates how markets can change over the years. Marc’s valuation was based on the camera collecting market, which was not that big in 2001. Since then, Chinese collectors have been active and caused prices to rise dramatically.

Marc spoke with the Daily Express ahead of a lecture he was giving earlier this month and said that collecting antiques is:

“not all about value and some of the things I get the most pleasure out of are not really worth much at all.”

Not every antique rises dramatically in value over the years like the Leica camera, which is why investing in antiques is risky. It is difficult to predict how the market for particular items will rise or fall over the years.

People purchase antique sofas, chests, cabinets, tables and other items from Lancashire antique dealers because of how they look in their homes and because they admire their construction quality. If an item increases in value over the years, that’s a bonus.

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