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August 25, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Tables — David

The annual antiques auction held at Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan, has been hailed a success.

A rare chair, a coal scuttle and an antique coffee table were sold at the event. These were just a few of the rare items that were included in the sale, with all proceeds going towards the future of the Government House Historical Society.

The fundraising started in 1996, when an appraisal event was launched, in the style of the popular TV programme, Antiques Roadshow. An appraiser from Edmonton, Arthur Clausen, persuaded the historical society to hold an auction for antiques in 2004, which turned out to be the first of many over the years.

The money raised is used to preserve Government House, which is now a museum. The cash is used to provide children’s programmes at the site, while some of the original antiques from the building, which were sold in 1945, are also secured using the funding.

Janice Routley has been a helper at the event since it first began and she states that there are always plenty of donations for the event, especially since many people are downsizing. Lynda Haverstock, who was a previous lieutenant-governor, donated an antique coffee table, which was included in the auction last year.

More people are turning to antique furniture to fill their homes, including items like antique coffee tables. Preston, UK, is a well-known area for collectors of high-end antiques, with furniture supplied by a reputable dealer enhancing any home.

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