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November 4, 2016 - Filed under: Auctions — Mark

A vase bought at a car boot sale may sell at auction for thousands of pounds, after it was revealed that it is actually worth £30,000.

The owner of the rare vase, who wants to remain anonymous, agreed to buy the item at the end of the day for £10 after no one else had shown any interest in it. Once the seller put the rare Chinese vase on eBay, he realised that it was exceedingly special, as bids for the item quickly increased to over £10,000.

The owner decided to withdraw the vase from eBay and took it to an auctioneer in Salisbury, Wiltshire: Woolley and Wallis. The head of the Asian Art department at the auctioneers, and also a regular on the popular TV programme ‘Antiques Roadshow’, John Axford, realised immediately that it was an Imperial Chinese enamel, worth around £30,000. Axford told the owner that the item was 220 years old and was a ‘two quails’ vase, which is very rare.

The vase itself is marked with the four character Qianlong mark, relating to an emperor of the Qing Dynasty, was made between 1736 and 1795.

According to Axford, another item that had been donated to a charity shop sold for £360,000 in 2012, which is why people should take their items to be valued by an expert.

The vase would look especially fine adorning a fine antique dining table and chairs, which may be discovered at a reputable antiques dealer by collectors looking for pieces.

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