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March 14, 2016 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Harriet

A female bargain hunter has recently celebrated her good fortunes, after selling a 16th century statue of a goddess, making a huge profit in the process.

The woman, who has remained anonymous, discovered a gilt-bronze statue at a car boot among bric-a-brac. The collector bought the statue, which is six inches high, for just £25, as she had a good feeling about it. Later, the buyer took the item to an expert to discover its origin. She was informed that the statue represented the goddess Green Tara and it dated back to the 16th century.

The rare item was placed in an auction, drawing lots of interest from the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong. Originally, the auctioneers had advised the woman that the statue might be worth around £5,000. However, following the high levels of interest, the antique finally sold for £15,500. Once the fees had been added, the total selling price was £19,220. The seller appeared to be in shock following the sale, and had to be given a seat and a cup of tea until she felt better.

As the item was discovered at a car boot sale, there is little known about its history, although it would originally have been owned by a Buddhist from Tibet. The experts are still unsure of how it came to be in the sale in the UK.

There are unusual pieces like this to be found in the UK, and the owners generally display them in an antique cabinet, as items to be enjoyed by all.

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