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John Wilkinson, a resident of Washington has turned his lifelong passions of fishing and wood carving into a lucrative business, carving antique fishing lures. Wilkinson’s garage is full to the rafters with carpentry tools, wooden collectors boxes all at different stages of completion and fishing lures. He also has a wooden canoe, hand carved standing outside the garage, waiting to be finished.

Wilkinson, aged 68 has loved fishing since childhood, and wood carving is his passion which is why he decided to combine the hobbies. Replicas of the famous antique fishing lures are hand carved by Wilkinson, to be sold at craft fairs and trade shows. Wilkinson originally started carving archery equipment followed by a canoe. He eventually settled with the carving of fishing lures.

The replica lures are named after friends and family, with his latest being named the Little Luke, after a Washington boy, aged seven. He caught a large bass using one of the lures carved by Wilkinson in 2010. Every lure is presented in a hand carved box, which is hand painted by his wife. The carving takes around six hours and the painting is a process which takes seven days. Although the lures are mainly bought as gifts, they can be used in the water.

Rather than making replicas of antique furniture, you may prefer to scout for the genuine article. You will discover a treasure trove of antique furniture, including Victorian dining chairs in Lancashire, where reputable antique dealers are able to offer advice and guidance.

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