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Celebrity Hermione Norris, star of BBC One TV programme Spooks, recently swapped her role as a spy to track down valuable antiques for the day. The star of the show – who also appeared in Cold Feet, the ITV comedy drama – spent a day at Charlestown to film for Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Joining her for the celebrity special was John Thomson, who also appeared in the popular series.

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip features two celebrities racing against each other to see who can raise the most money for charity with their antique finds on the day. Catherine Southon and Mark Stacey teamed up with Hermione and John to search the UK for valuable or unusual antiques. Filming took place on the site of a renovated gunpowder munitions building, which now houses the Sail Loft Emporium and an art gallery. According to the owner, Mick Blakey, the filming drew a large crowd – especially when the antiques experts and both the TV stars took part in the filming that day. Catherine Southon was the expert paired up with John Thomson, while Hermione Norris and Mark Stacey teamed up together with filming finishing around eight that evening.

Although the celebrities want to make a huge profit for charity, collectors of antiques usually want an item that is aesthetically pleasing, especially when searching for antique furniture. If people are looking for a specific piece of furniture like antique dining chairs , Cumbria has a number of antiques dealers who will be able to display a range of items.

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