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November 6, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Chests — Harriet

A newspaper dating back to the 18th Century has been discovered by a woman in Bournemouth, who was shredding old bank papers that were stored in her home in Northbourne.

The newspaper – which is the first edition of The Morning Advertiser ever published – has been valued at around £1,000 and is believed to be extremely rare.

Dated 8th February 1794, the paper was, at the time, only the second national publication to be released on a daily basis. Today, The Morning Advertiser is thought to be the longest running continuously produced newspaper in the country.

Patricia Parr was clearing out documents when she came across the item. The 87-year-old was shocked to see that the paper was more than 200 years old, especially as it is in relatively good condition. She said:

“It’s a terribly interesting read and it’s still possible to work your way completely through it. Everything is very readable and it’s in good condition except the top-edge is slightly curled.”

As Patricia’s grandfather and her father-in-law were owners of free houses in London, it is likely that the newspaper has been passed down through the generations. Antiques are often passed on to younger family members, especially furniture like antique chests, which may have been used to store items such as newspapers, magazines and books.

Judith Katz-Schwartz, TV personality and antiques expert, has valued the newspaper at around £1,000. However, Richard Bromell from an auction house in Sherborne believes that this may be the estimate for insurance purposes rather than the price it could sell for.

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