16 Apr 2021
January 15, 2015 - Filed under: Antique Chests — Richard

An American time capsule that had been buried in 1795 has recently been opened to reveal a host of intriguing items from that year.

The time capsule was excavated in December, 2014, from the Massachusetts State House. The removal of the box took seven hours and a further four hours to prise the screws loose. The capsule was initially discovered while work was taking place to deal with a water leak at the State House.

Once the antique chest had been opened, there were a few tense moments as the head of objects conservation at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Pam Hatchfield, tried very carefully to remove the contents one by one, to avoid damage. A dental tool and a porcupine quill were used to remove the contents safely from the 10-pound box.

The capsule was originally placed in the State House by Paul Revere, a Revolutionary war hero and metalsmith. Samuel Adams and William Scollay also helped to bury the chest.

As the contents were removed from the brass capsule, there were gasps as the items were revealed, including various coins, newspapers, a commonwealth seal of Massachusetts, and at the very bottom, a silver plate that had been inscribed. Experts believe that the plate was made by Revere, although this has not been confirmed.

Collectors who spend time browsing antiques shops may feel as though they have opened a time capsule, as some of the pieces are from centuries ago, especially older items like antique chests. Lancashire collectors, therefore, may too find their hidden treasure at local antiques dealers.

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