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September 23, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

A collection of antique furniture was recently featured on the Antiques Roadshow in Portsmouth after being dumped in a rubbish skip by the owner of the city’s football club seven years ago.

Originally, the antique chairs and table are thought to have been made for HMS Warrior, a ship built in the 1860s. Experts believe that the furniture was donated to the club around 70 years ago by the Royal Navy.

In 2006, the Russian owner of Portsmouth FC, Alexandre Gaydamak, decided to throw out the antique table and chairs in favour of a more modern look. Luckily, a builder discovered the furniture in the skip and kept it safely stored.

When the builder, who has remained anonymous, realised that the Antiques Roadshow would be filming in Portsmouth, he decided to take the furniture along. An expert from the popular TV show, Deborah Lambert, said that the furniture was made during the mid-nineteenth century and was worth “thousands of pounds”.

According to Lambert, the chairs could have been made between 1860 and 1870 and as HMS Warrior was commissioned in 1861, it is possible that the furniture was made especially for it.

The ship was eventually donated to the Maritime Trust, returning to the south-coast city following restoration. Although these antique chairs were discovered in a skip, collectors are more likely to find antique furniture at reputable dealers in Preston and other cities across the UK. Antique dining chairs , for example, are popular with collectors around the world.

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