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December 7, 2015 - Filed under: Antique Cupboards — Harriet

A charity received an unexpected windfall, thanks to a unanimous donor who gave an antique banjo to the organisation.

A branch of Shelter in Nantwich put the banjo up for sale at £25, not realising that it may be valuable. However, when auctioneer Chris Large spotted the antique in the window of the shop, it was decided that the banjo would be auctioned. Large, of Peter Wilson’s Auctioneers, immediately realised that the antique was valuable and waited until the shop opened so he could inform the staff.

The banjo is a Clifford Essex Paragon, a rare specimen which some believe is the best model in the world. The banjo was auctioned on 25th November with an estimated value of £300 to £500. According to the manager of the shop, Sue Davies, she had tried to research the banjo online but when she typed in ‘paragon’ nothing was revealed in the search results. As the instrument was fairly grubby, it was just put in the window, priced at an amount which the manager believed someone would pay. During the interview with the Chronicle, Davies said:

“This is a complete one-off for us, we’ve had nothing like this happen at the shop before. It’s just absolutely fantastic and we can’t thank the person enough. We’re so grateful to everyone who donates and supports us.”

The person who bought the antique banjo may want to consider displaying it in an antique cupboard as an interesting focal point of a sitting room.

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