31 May 2020
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A rare banner stored in a charity shop for more than 10 years, has been sold at auction for a surprising amount.

On June 20, a rare suffragette banner was sold at the Gary Don auction house in Leeds. The bidding was between a representative from the Manchester People’s History Museum and a private collector, and the bidding war was finally won by the latter.

Although Suffragette jewellery is often found at auction, a banner is a rare sight. According to Liz Don from the auctioneers, the charity shop where the banner was found looks after the elderly in the local area. The banner was discovered in a cupboard following a clear out.

When questioned about where the banner had come from, the charity shop staff said that it used to look after an elderly gentleman who had died 10 years previously. The banner had belonged to his mother, who was either a member of WSPU or had been a supporter. The lady, Edna White, relocated to Leeds in 1930.

Neither the People’s History Museum or the auction house could find any information leading to a connection with the Manchester Suffragettes. The Leeds charity had thought it may be able to sell the banner for around £50, but was amazed when it sold for £13,600.

With such a fascinating history, the owner of the banner may want to display it in a room adorned with antique furniture befitting of the era, such as an antique dining table and chairs.

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