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August 30, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases,Victorian Dining Chairs — David

Builders and developers in Chicago are basking in a renewed interest for properties, as they mix the old style with the new. Homeowners, builders and developers are all on the lookout for old treasure which will create a demand for their property. Steve Riordan is one homeowner with properties in Chicago and Flossmoor that have been renovated using antiques combined with new fittings. He’s used period light fittings, which have been rewired to comply with modern regulations and has a jail door from Ireland to make his wine cellar stand out from the crowd.

One store owner, Stuart Grannen sells salvaged goods including antique lighting fixtures, stained glass windows, doors, tiles and ironwork. He says that his customers like to buy antiques for their quality and uniqueness. According to Grannen, theatre artefacts are especially sought after, as a number of homes are incorporating a home cinema.

Steve Lecas, a builder from Frankfort incorporates antique fittings with his new build homes. For instance, he has French church ceiling tiles in one of his model homes, along with flooring and beams which were salvaged from a barn dating back to 1870. According to Lecas, it’s the antiques that make the sale for his customers.

Not everyone is a builder but that doesn’t stop you from mixing old and new. If you live in Lancashire, there are reputable dealers who will be able to locate the antique bookcase or those Victorian dining chairs in the Cumbria region that you have been looking for.

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