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Around 100 Chinese antiques are due to be sold at auction, and it is believed that they will sell for millions.

The collection of Chinese ceramics had been collected by Roger Pilkington of Wiltshire, some bought for as little as £100, which would be around £3,000 today. The pieces were collected during the 1950s and ’60s, with items from various dynasties, including Qing and Ming. The most expensive items were purchased by Pilkington for £5,000, which is around £140,000 today.

Asian antiques have become extremely valuable in recent years, as the Chinese are buying their heritage back from Westerners. Pilkington passed away in 1969 at the age of 40, leaving his collection of antiques to his family. However, family members decided to sell the collection at auction by Sotheby’s. The most popular item to appear in the sale is a ‘Palace Bowl’ which is from the Ming dynasty, and worth around £6 million. The bowl is a rare piece, so rare that another won’t be discovered in any of the world’s best collections at museums.

Another bowl, which would have been used during ceremonies, is worth around £4 million – it is from the Yongle period. The deputy chairman of Sotheby’s in Asia, Nicolas Chow, has commented that the collection is exceptionally rare, with the pieces rarely being seen together. The sale will be held in Hong Kong in April, with items fetching up to £20 million.

Although it isn’t often that you find a collection of antiques as valuable as this, many items, like an antique dining table , will increase in value over time.

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