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January 4, 2016 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

The Tatton Park Antiques, Decorative and Art Fair will feature a star attraction when it opens on Friday 8th January 2016.

A model of a horse which was taken from a Chinese ruler’s tomb is expected to be the centre of attention. The 2000 year old Chinese antique has been dated between 206BC and 220AD. The earthenware horse is part of the Chinese Han Dynasty, one of the longest dynasties which lasted over four hundred years, measuring 62cm high. The dynasty was an important part of China’s history, especially for technology, politics and art.

The horse belongs to a Bristol dealer who sells some antique pieces, Paul Burnett. When speaking about the antique, he said:

“This horse is an exceptional find because of its good condition and size. It will appeal not only to collectors of rare antiquities but also anyone seeking a striking talking point for their home. It’s the kind of antique that today is often bought by interior designers.”

The model is on sale for £3,250. The Tatton Park Fair lasts for three days and marks the beginning of north England’s antiques season. A range of high end antiques, original art and collector’s pieces will be available at the fair, with the prices ranging from £50 to over £20,000.

The latest trend appears to be combining modern items with traditional furniture, like antique sofas, providing more options for interior design. Collectors will discover a range of good quality antique furniture at reputable dealers all year round.

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