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A Chinese vase with the mark of the Qianlong emperor (1736 – 1785) was found in the attic of a French home and sold at auction for millions.

On June 12, 2018, the vase was sold at Sotheby’s in Paris for £12.5 million (€14.2m). The sellers were not aware of its value and had brought it to the saleroom in a shoe box.

Although Qianlong vases are not that rare, this one is the only known example of this particular design. The vase was made by the Jingdezhen workshops in the ‘Yagcai’ style of over-glaze painting and transparent enamels. These vases are usually decorated with Western-style designs and are often made in pairs.

The vase is decorated with a landscape scene that features cranes, deer and pine trees, which are symbols of health and prosperity. It is thought that the artist was inspired by one of the Imperial parks. The Imperial inventory lists two similar vases, commissioned between 1765 and 1769.

The vase is the highest value item sold at Sotheby’s in Paris and is a record amount paid for a Chinese porcelain antique in France.

If you own a Chinese vase, you will find excellent quality antique dining tables , antique chests and antique cabinets to display it on at Lancashire antique dealers. These will cost you considerably less that the £12.5 million paid in Paris for the Qianlong vase, and you won’t have to pay extra auction fees and commission on top of the sale price.

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