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If you are looking for an antique desk for your home, there are a good range of different styles, shapes and sizes that will more or less fit into any house or apartment. We tend to think of some pieces of antique furniture as large and cumbersome and not always suitable for more compact spaces, but the desk has been around for nearly four hundred years, and over time many versions have been made and still survive.

The most popular desk has a fall front. An early Spanish version of this desk was essentially a large writing slope which could be placed on different tables around the house. Someone then had the bright idea to join the box to a table and the bureau was born. Early English examples tended to be made of walnut and the Welsh produced some very fine early oak examples. Further developments meant that sets of drawers similar to a chest of drawers were placed below the table and other sets of drawers placed within the slope itself.

The desk could also become part of a much larger superstructure where cupboards and glass cabinets were placed on top. As cabinetry became more sophisticated, architectural cornices and pediments were also added. Many of these bureau bookcases could be up to eight feet tall, so perhaps too large for the smaller home. However other desks such as the plain bureau and variations such as the Carlton House and Davenport are all suitable for more compact living. Also, the secretaire bookcase where the fold down front is replaced by the front of the top drawer dropping down, and pigeonholes and small drawers form extra storage on top.

When looking to buy antique desks in Lancashire , Preston dealers can advise on size, scope and quality.

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