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November 28, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

Elves Antiques is full of antique Christmas ornaments and collectibles. Every day of the year, the house is filled with Christmas trees, ornaments and decorations, known by the local people as the “Christmas House”.

Dave Eppelheimer didn’t intend to leave the Christmas decorations up in his home, but as his collection grew and he ran out of places to store them, the antiques made a permanent display. Eppelheimer has always been an avid collector of anything that caught his eye, like stamps and coins. However, he teamed up with three friends in the 1980s and together, they started searching for antique holiday items. One tree in his home has been up since 1995, decorated with German tree ornaments which were made before World War II. One tree, which is made of feathers is an antique and displays ornaments made of pressed paper and cotton. According to Eppelheimer, the older items are his favourite. He says:

“If they could speak, they could tell us of family gatherings, conversations, perhaps years of being left in the attic, and the joy of being discovered or passed along to live once again on the boughs of a Christmas tree or from a perch on the mantel.”

Not many people want to completely fill their home with antiques. However, if you love antique furniture, you can display each item in your home whilst in use. In the UK, there are a number of antique stores where you will discover tables and antique dining chairs . Lancashire and surrounding areas are popular with collectors of antique furniture, to decorate your home.

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