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March 6, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques News,Auctions — Richard

A truly eclectic mix of items will be auctioned on 15th March at a New York auction house, including a rare Coca-Cola calendar from 1891.

Philip Weiss Auctions will be hosting the sale, which includes various pieces of Coca-Cola memorabilia from the turn of the century.

The calendar features a picture of a young woman on the front, along with all the months of the year still intact. With gold edging, the calendar has “Asa G. Candler & Co” printed on it, referring to Coca-Cola’s co-founder. The logo is completely different to the famous logo of today.

A couple of antique trays from Coca-Cola will be included in the sale, one reading “Drink Coca-Cola at Soda Fountains, Delicious and Refreshing, 5 Cents” and dating back to 1905, along with another that dates from 1903. A second calendar will feature in the auction, although it is of a later edition from 1908, featuring a lady in Victorian attire.

In addition to the Coca-Cola memorabilia, the auction will also be selling the first part of the John Panza soda fountain and ice cream items. The Panza collection contains antique soda fountains, syrup dispensers and rare ice cream scoops, one of which is expected to draw a lot of attention.

When collectors have a healthy collection of items, it is useful to have decorative storage that will retain and compliment the pristine condition of the pieces, such as an antique cabinet. The Ribble Valley has a number of antiques dealers with a variety of interesting items.

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