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The recipe for Coca-Cola has reportedly been discovered by an antiques dealer from Georgia and has been put up for sale on eBay. According to Cliff Kluge, he bought a box containing letters and personal papers, which had previously belonged to a chemist. The recipe was discovered among those papers, and is on eBay to buy now for £9.6 million or bidders can start at £3.2 million.

Kluge believes that he has discovered the genuine recipe for Coca-Cola from 1943 and, although he has placed the formula on eBay, he says that the excitement at the discovery is more rewarding than the money. He said:

“It’s an Easter egg hunt, looking for eggs out there. And when you come up with something like this, it’s Christmas. You don’t stumble on things like this very often. It’s a letter, and a formula, and the processes to make it. I think it’s the recipe for Coca-Cola.”

Kluge believes that the company had difficulty obtaining all the required ingredients for the drink during the war, which is why it may have sent the list of ingredients to the chemist. No response has been forthcoming from Coca-Cola, although the company’s archivist believes that the ingredients are for a type of cola drink, but not the ‘real thing’.

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