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The late Bill Daniels spent a large part of his life involved with telephones in one way or another, from his working life to his collection of antique telephones. His home was filled with a variety of telephones, from the earlier editions at the around the start of the twentieth century to modern day models which incorporate designs from the mid century.

Morphy Auctions in Denver will hold an auction, with the collection of antique telephones making their appearance in the second sale. According to Dan Morphy, the CEO of Morphy’s Auctions Bill Daniels hardly ever sold an antique phone, preferring to purchase them for his ever expanding collection. One of the fascinating telephones up for auction is a coffin shaped telephone, made by Watts & Co and is accompanied by a copy of the first ever telephone directory in the world. The value is estimated at between $10,000 to $20,000.

Dorothy Daniels, Bill’s wife said that he collected telephones from flea markets and church sales, before expanding his search to specialised sales of antique telephones. As he started to consider a museum for his collection, Daniels began to collect phone booths, intercoms and telegraphs. A large number of the telephones are from America, although some are from the United Kingdom and Japan.

People collect all manner of items, with early century discoveries proving to be of extreme interest historically. Furniture is popular with collectors, and fine pieces can be discovered in the UK. If you are looking for antique desks, the Preston area has a number of antique dealers with fine pieces of antique furniture to offer.

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