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December 19, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

The private collection of Harry Rinker, a collectibles and antiques expert, will be sold over the course of several months in a series of auctions, the first of which will be held tomorrow in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Among the 25,000 items on sale is what is believed to be the world’s largest collection of Hopalong Cassidy memorabilia.

Rinker once owned Rinker Enterprises, specialising in the publishing of price guides for antiques and collectibles. He also gave seminars and provided a consulting and appraisal service. The antiques expert previously lived in an old elementary school, which he purchased many years ago and turned into both a home and office.

The collection is believed to have filled a space of more than 13,500 square feet. As Rinker has relocated to a new home of around 1,800 square feet, he has to part with a number of the items.

One lot for sale is the Hopalong Cassidy bedroom suite, which is thought to be the only one in existence, complete with bunk-bed, dresser, desk, chair and nightstand. While living and working at the converted school, Rinker was also responsible for maintaining the Puzzle Pit, which has thousands of jigsaws.

A collector may want a display case for the pieces, maybe an antique cabinet. Lancashire, in the UK, has a number of antiques dealers with a selection of items on display. Rinker won’t be attending the auction in person; he jokingly stated that he didn’t want anyone to see him cry.

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