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November 8, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

One family business, comprising father and son will be televised over six episodes in November. Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternack collect unusual antiques, and will feature in their own series Born Dealers. The pair live in Florida through the colder months, and dwell in Maine through the summer months. All manner of antiques will be featured in the series, from airplane propellers to barber chairs and jukeboxes.

The TV series, which airs on Cable will follow the adventures of the Pasternack family travelling around the country buying and selling all kinds of antiques. Jeremiah Pasternack, aged 28 is keen to show that it is possible for anyone to do the same thing, and run a family business. The duo wants to show their talent of dealing as well as discovering a precious antique. The series will also feature the father and son coping with differences of opinion, including Jeremiah opening a shop in Florida which his father didn’t agree to.

The father and son team thought their story would appeal to people, as they are typical antiques dealers. Jerry said:

“It’s not 18th century furniture we deal with- it’s jukeboxes, neon signs or barber chairs.”

One particular episode of the series features the purchase of a stained glass image which stands 20 foot high. The image previously had adorned the walls of a restaurant in Chicago and dates back to 1912. However, a large number of people are looking for antiques which will grace their homes. UK residents may be looking for a more typical antique, like antique dining chairs in Lancashire , which would be practical and complement their home.

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