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An expert from the Antiques Roadshow recently spent a Saturday in The Guildhall Windsor appraising antiques and collectibles. The appraisal was part of an event to celebrate the centenary of Moorcroft pottery, which was organised by the Talents of Windsor, a store located on Church Street. The items being appraised consisted of glass and ceramics, including a commemorative plate that was valued at £3,000.

During the appraisal event, Eric Knowles spent his time positioned in front of a painting of Queen Anne that was hung in The Guildhall. Coincidentally, the commemorative plate was brought along during this time and was found to date back to the 1700s, which is Queen Anne’s era. A museum and collection officer from the Royal Borough and Windsor museum, Caroline McCutcheon, brought in the plate and it was given a maximum value of £3,000. During the celebration event, a lecture was given by Elise Adams, who is the director at Moorcroft pottery. The lecture gave an account of Moorcroft’s history. Pottery painting techniques were also demonstrated during the celebrations. When asked about his role in the world of antiques, Knowles said:

“I have seen some rare things and I have seen some things that have defied me and I cannot identify which frustrates me, but that’s what makes this job interesting.”

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