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October 16, 2013 - Filed under: Auctions — Harriet

An auction taking place at the First Presbyterian Church of Youngstown in New York on 10th November will benefit the Community Missions crisis programme in Niagara County. Fine arts and antiques, including antique furniture, will all be auctioned on the day. Three train sets – called Marx, Lionel and Atlas – dating back to the Depression era will feature.

A painting from the 1930s, painted by Earle Bailly, will also feature. Bailly was an artist who was born without any arms and admired for his painting technique – using his mouth to hold the brushes. Bailly had work exhibited throughout the world.

Another work of art has been donated by Mary Gross, an artist who is recognised for feather art.

Antique furniture is particularly popular, with an antique chest that was either used as a commode or a blanket chest. An antique sewing machine, antique chairs and more are all waiting to be auctioned.

Opportunities for people to give to charity via an auction are rare. People typically pay more at auction, as a buyer’s fee is usually charged. In many cases, a reputable local dealer may have similar items at a lower price.

The programme includes a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen and support and shelter for those who are living with AIDS and HIV. In 2012, 73,660 meals were dished out at the soup kitchen and 673 people were sheltered by the organisation. Over 150 youths considered to be at risk were also helped, along with many others. A selection of appetisers will also be available at the auction.

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