22 Apr 2021
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‘Cottagecore’ is an innovative home fashion that features antique furniture and traditionally designed fabrics.

According to Jessica Doyle, writing in the Telegraph, cottagecore expresses an idealised vision of country living. During the coronavirus lockdown, many people worked from home and realised they did not have to live in towns or cities near their workplace, but could instead live and work remotely in a rural environment. It is not practical for everyone to move to the countryside, and so many people have started thinking about how to bring the country aesthetic to their urban homes.

Though there are many modern homes in the countryside, the popular image of rural homes is of vintage brown furniture and floral patterned carpets and curtains. Interior designer Sophie Robinson summed up the cottagecore look as:

“tea cosies, wingback armchairs, a footstool… It’s all very 1970s Laura Ashley.”

This look can be seen as very feminine, but designers have adapted the cottagecore look to appeal to more masculine tastes.

Jessica Doyle recommends mixing new items with traditional prints and vintage furniture. Influencer Laura Hunter says:

“I incorporate modern items because they are practical, easier to source, and stop the look from becoming too whimsical.”

Many fashion brands now sell homeware featuring designs influenced by the past. For example, H & M Home, known for its minimalist designed homeware, now sells floral bedspreads and tablecloths.

To create the cottagecore look in your home, add modern-made floral pattern cushions and curtains with antique sofas, dining tables and dining chairs.

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