09 Jul 2020
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A couple’s dream relocation to Spain became a nightmare after their antique furniture was damaged.

Stewart and Sarah Angus were fulfilling their dream of moving to Spain. They owned several expensive antique items and paid a mover over £3,000 to have their antiques and other possessions shipped to Malaga. This included packing and unpacking china and other breakable items.

After the couple sold their Glasgow home, the removers packed the items on four palettes which were left in storage for a few months before being shipped to Spain.

When the couple arrived in Malaga, they were horrified to see the state of their antiques. Antique wooden furniture had pieces broken off them. China, vases and ornaments were smashed and the face was broken on an antique clock.

The couple estimated that replacing the damaged items would cost around £2,000. The movers insisted that the couple had taken out restricted insurance which covers total loss only. As they considered the damage, not a total loss, they refused to reimburse the couple for having their antiques replaced. They said that blame for the damage was the shipping company that transported the palettes to Spain. The Daily Mirror newspaper was contacted by the Angus’s and the Mirror is negotiating with the movers to pay compensation.

Many people buy items such as antique wardrobes and antique coffee tables from Lancashire antique dealers who will arrange the safe delivery of antique furniture. If you move house and want to take your antiques, you should use a specialist mover who is expert at carefully transporting fragile antiques.

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