31 May 2020
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Claire Ripsteen and Eric McBride recently got married at Big Daddy’s in Los Angeles, which is both an antique shop and a wedding venue.

The ceremony was held in a walled garden of the shop. The couple chose antiques to add decorative touches to their outside wedding venue. These included lanterns and an oriental rug. The reception was held indoors in an area featuring antique mirrors, lampshades and old signs including one saying ‘Liverpool Street station’.

You will is not able to get married in a UK antique shop unless an enterprising dealer adds weddings as an extra income stream to their business. However, you may be able to find a cassone or marriage chest in a Lancashire antique shop.

These were popular in Renaissance Italy and were used to hold a bride’s dowry goods. These are generally made from dark wood and are carved with intricate patterns. You do not need one for a wedding dowry, but they are ideal to store linens and beddings in a bedroom. Genuine marriage chests are not that common in the UK, so if you do come across one, you can expect to pay fairly high prices.

An antique chest or an antique cabinet from Lancashire antique shops make great wedding gifts for couples that appreciate the quality of antiques. If you are thinking of proposing, you may be able to find an antique engagement ring to surprise your lucky partner as well as two antique wedding rings.

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