10 Apr 2021
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Rosemary and Ray Winters have successfully decorated and furnished their home in LaGrange using a mix of old American antiques and contemporary furniture. Furnishing a home with antique furniture, in addition to contemporary pieces may seem like a challenge to some people, but Rosemary Winters has perfected her style.

Originally, Rosemary who has her own business, started out with contemporary furnishings as she actually preferred the style. Ray, her husband designed and made some of the furniture which now stands side by side with the antique pieces. Eventually, Rosemary became bored with the factory made, contemporary style and decided to add a few fine antiques to their home. Starting with a Rosewood laptop desk, the collection grew and eventually took over the whole house. Luckily, her husband also has an eye for antiques and is proud of his wife’s achievements in the world of antiques.

Some of the pieces of furniture are particular favourites, helping the Winters to achieve their individual style. An antique table, three foot wide, which once belonged in a tavern has pride of place in the lounge area. The Winters are particularly enchanted by the worn appearance on one section of the table which is over 300 years old, where customers would have placed their feet. A blanket chest dating back to 1700 and made of pine acts as an occasional table.

Fine antique furniture blends well with a contemporary style, adding functionality and beauty. You will discover a range of fine pieces, like antique dining tables in the Cumbria area.

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