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April 13, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Tables — David

On last weekend’s Antique Roadshow programme, a very unusual table was brought in by people from Cheltenham Racecourse who wanted to know about a curious table they owned.

The programme was filmed at Cheltenham Town Hall. As usual, members of the public were invited to bring antique items along for the experts to give them an idea of the history of the object and its worth.

Among the items brought in was an unusual table with legs carved in the likeness of a horse’s hooves.

Expert John Bly cast his eye over the large table and was impressed. He said:

“I’ve not seen one like this before. I think it is Spanish. About 1840. Made in walnut.”

The iron brackets which helped support the weight of the table were, he thought, added later and were not original.

Bly asked the representative of Cheltenham Racecourse if he knew anything of the history of the table and how long the course had owned it. The representative told Bly that they knew nothing about the history but guessed it was purchased sometime after the formation of the Jockey Club in 1750. Bly then said:

“I think that during the 19th Century this came up for auction and someone said ‘We have got to have it.’”

For anyone in the Ribble Valley area looking to purchase some antique furniture – whether it is the extraordinary or ordinary – then a visit to a local antique furniture dealer could prove beneficial. Among a dealer’s stock items of antique desks and antique dining chairs , there may be something out of the ordinary.

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