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November 9, 2015 - Filed under: Auctions — Harriet

A chipped antique vase with a guide price of £150 surprised everyone at the auction house when it sold for far more than ever expected.

Demand for the porcelain vase ended in a bidding war, which resulted in the Chinese antique being sold for over 700 times its estimated price. The porcelain vase is 19cm high, with handles shaped like the heads of elephants. The item is part of a collection from a London house, which includes thousands of pieces of works of art and Chinese ceramics. The collector passed away three years ago, and the relatives are all living in different parts of the world. However, one relative lives in West Wales, so the collection was auctioned at Peter Francis, a small auction house based in Carmarthen.

The bidding war took place between an online bidder from China and an antiques dealer who is based in the Midlands. As the bidding rapidly rose towards the final selling figure, the antiques dealer stopped at £114,000. The chipped vase sold for a final bid of £114,500, to a round of applause. Nigel Hodson, the auctioneer, said the sale had smashed his previous record of £85,000. He said that he realised that something amazing was going to happen, as the bids had started off at £500 but the bids just kept increasing.

The antique vase would look attractive atop an antique coffee table. Collectors who prefer to know how much an item will sell for, may want to stroll around a reputable antiques dealer and browse.

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