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Three years ago, Sue Drayton came across an old house in Saxapahaw which she considered to be ready for demolishing. Even when the house was put up for auction no one submitted a bid. Incredibly, in 2008 Drayton bought the house which dates back to the 1800s, with the intention to fulfil her dreams of opening an antiques store, Roxy Farms Antiques.

The house had been empty for two years and was in a bad state of repair. The floor in some parts was falling through, there wasn’t any plumbing in the house and a previous owner had attempted to rewire the property using a chainsaw. While renovation was taking place, Drayton slept in a room at the back of the property, on an air mattress.

The inside of the house was gutted, leaving just the shell which was of solid construction. Materials from the original structure were used in the renovation process. As the house neared completion, previous residents began to notice and shared stories from their time in the house with Drayton. Antique furniture and other pieces which had been collected by Drayton since her childhood were used to furnish the interior. She grew up with a passion for antiques, visiting shows and auctions. According to Drayton, antiques are much better quality than newer pieces. She said:

“You won’t get the sturdy quality of antiques unless you buy high-end, new furniture. I like providing reasonable, not out-of-reach prices.”

You can find a variety of high end antique furniture here in the United Kingdom, like antique desks. Lancashire has a host of experts waiting to help you find the piece for you.

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