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June 18, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News,Selling Antiques — Richard

A call for the antiques trade to be regulated has been made by the chief of the Dubai Criminal Investigation department – and similar demands have been made in other countries. Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri believes that the sale and ownership of antiques should be regulated. This follows the charging of an Arab man who falsely inflated the worth of antiques that were stolen from him, in addition to filing a false report.

One suggestion made by the head of the Criminal Investigation department is the compulsory purchase of a permit which allows you to sell antiques. Undocumented antique pieces should also be investigated. The Arab man had a pure gold antique book, worth $500,000 stolen from him after he had arranged to meet a buyer through a middleman. According to the Arab man, the middleman and the buyer beat him and stole the book along with a briefcase containing a large amount of money.

A criminal investigations team was set up to deal with the case, only to find that the middleman had set the whole thing up, arranging for the theft from the owner. The team discovered that the book was only worth a fraction of what the victim had stated, and there had been no money in the briefcase.

In the UK, there have been similar calls for regulation of the antiques industry. If people in Lancashire are looking for Victorian dining chairs or other pieces, they should ensure that the buyer is reputable with years of experience in the antiques trade, guaranteeing a genuine purchase.

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