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Every new year, interior designers make predictions for the styles they believe will be popular during the year. For 2019, designers predict that people will seek sophisticated comfort that will include wooden antique items.

In terms of antiques becoming more popular, interior designer Dan Mazzarini has said:

“There have always been the antique lovers that we’ve worked with, but now, a growing number of people are responding more positively to things that have an actual sense of history.”

Marika Meyer, a Washington D.C. based designer agrees. She has found that many of her clients want antique chests. These can be located in large rooms, but she has found that many people with smaller spaces need antique chests to utilise as storage space.

People also like skirted antique tables that can hide items stored under them.

Homeowners who prefer their homes to have a more modern look are featuring light wood tones. Light woods paired with white items create a sense of warmth in a room. Some people like to feature a single antique item of furniture in a modern room to add contrast.

Most Lancashire people choose antique chests, wardrobes, tables and other furniture because they like how they look and their quality construction, rather than because they want to follow interior design trends. They are also conscious of environmental issues and see purchasing antiques as a form of recycling, a way of owning furniture that has a sense of history and will last a lifetime, unlike most modern flat packed furniture.

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