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January 28, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — David

Detroit will be the centre of attention when the PBS Antiques Roadshow airs three episodes of the programme dedicated to the city.

The episodes will be aired on 27th January, 3rd February and 10th February this year. The discoveries made by the team included a passport belonging to Marvin Gaye, a photo album signed by Abraham Lincoln and the script for Wizard of Oz.

The crew travelled to Detroit during June last year and spent a full day appraising the treasures and antiques of more than 5,300 guests. The appraisal took place at the Cobo Center which is currently being refurbished. According to the executive producer of the Antiques Roadshow Marsha Bemko, the team loved the experience, especially as the discoveries were not disappointing.

During the first episode to be aired, the presenters visit the Motown Museum which features a range of collectibles from the seventies, including a 1970s signed poster of Andy Warhol. Also featured is the Wizard of Oz script, used on set by Bert Lahr and valued at $150,000. The second and third episodes feature more treasures from Detroit, including a letter signed by Charles Schulz and etchings by Edward Hopper.

The owners of these items may want to display them in their homes so that visitors may admire them. To show the collectibles to their advantage, some collectors may use a cabinet, especially an antique cabinet. Preston UK has a number of antiques dealers who have a selection of pieces displayed in their stores.

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