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During the weekend of 17th and 18th August, the Blitz Buddies are organising a Dig for Victory 1940s weekend, which will be held at the Whitehall Garden Centre in Wiltshire. Wartime memories will come flooding back as the group of people will use a variety of vintage and antique items, including furniture, to produce displays, re-enactments and music of that era.

The Blitz Buddies are keen to state that they are not an official club, but just a group of people whose common interest in WWII era Great Britain brought them together. Originally, there were five members of the group – Kate Hammond and husband John, Nigel Peace, his partner and his son Rowan. Members of the Blitz Buddies all have a character and give themselves an alternative name so that they can take on a 1940s persona.

The group now stands at 35 people, all either collectors of wartime memorabilia, antique or vintage items or those who have an interest in the music and fashion of the period. Kate used to be a lecturer at art school and is now an art historian. John and Kate are both avid collectors of memorabilia and love to display the items around their home. Kate says:

“What we do isn’t just about collecting objects, it’s about bringing them to life: having them around the home and using them at events.”

Collectors often love to display their antiques around the home, especially everyday items like antique cabinets. Cumbria is home to antiques dealers who are happy to display their latest discoveries to those who have an interest.

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