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July 18, 2016 - Filed under: Antique Toys — Harriet

A collection of 3,500 Dinky toys has recently sold at auction, fetching a tidy six-figure price.

The collection had belonged to John Kinchen, who had recently passed away, and had been well known by other collectors of the toys for many years. The earliest model in the collection dated back to 1937, while the remainder dated all the way to the 1970s. The item which sold for the highest price at the June auction was a rare Dinky toy, a 935 Leyland Octopus Flat Truck with Chains, selling for £2,300.

According to Piers Motley, the auctioneer, the sale had a lot of interest, although the condition of some of the toys appeared to be a problem. Apparently, the collector had cared more about a ‘complete’ collection and value hadn’t been so important. Some of the models in the collection had been ‘enhanced’ with personalised number plates. However, some of the collection was in mint condition, while others were rare examples. Among the collection was a number of Nicky toys, an Indian version of the Dinky toy, which were basic compared with the Dinky vehicles. The 3,500 toys fetched £120,000 in total.

The auction also included letters which had been sent to John by Meccano, and they sold for £300. Trade boxes which were included in the auction also sold well. Bob Leggett, a toy expert, stated that there may be a number of collectors in the sixties, who now have disposable income and can afford to buy the toys. The new owners may want to display the items in an antique cabinet to enhance their appearance.

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