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June 9, 2010 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets,Antiques News,Auctions — David

The skull of a 65 million year old dinosaur was on sale this weekend.

On becoming a collector of antiques and antiquities, a whole new world of the unexpected will open itself up before you. The Victorians were certainly renowned for collecting the bizarre and displaying them in any number of antique cabinets and occasional tables that were littered around sitting rooms and drawing rooms of the period.

However, even the Victorians would be hard pressed to display the head of a 65 million year old Tarbosaurus (similar to a Tyrannosaurus Rex), which was up for sale amongst artworks, antique furniture and ceramics at a London fine arts event this weekend according to The Guardian. The skull was priced at £125,000; it came from central Asia and was encased in a piece of sandstone. The original buyer, a Dorset fossil dealer, carefully chipped away at the stone to reveal the head.

Other examples similar to this one tend to be in museums; however the fossil dealer felt that such a magnificent object could hold pride of place in someone’s house. After all, although not as large, stags heads have been displayed in large country houses for many centuries and taxidermy was highly popular during the Victorian era where many fine cased examples of animals, birds and fish still survive today.

From the exotic and beautiful to the downright bizarre, antiques of all descriptions provide it all. If you have a selection of fossils, rocks, insects and butterflies, in fact anything that requires display, you will find many fine examples of period and revival antique cabinets in Preston or surrounding areas to house your prized collections.

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