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In the latest edition of the Toy Story animated films, Toy Story 4, there a scene takes place inside Second Chance Antiques shop and it is filled with Pixar Easter eggs.

Second Chance Antiques needed to be filled with a large number of ‘antiques’ and the filmmakers decided to take an unusual approach to designing the objects. Production designer on the film, Bob Pauley explains:

“Fortunately, at Pixar, we have a big ‘backlot’ of objects from all of our feature films. It was a big treasure hunt because we have a lot of interesting history, and we also took the opportunity to plant some fun Easter eggs.”

The term Easter egg is refers to hidden jokes, images and messages. Objects in the antique shop included award cases from Ratatouille, furniture featured in The Incredibles and items from Coco.

Not all objects refer to Pixar films, the Eggman Moving Company sign is named after Ralph Eggleston, the production designer on the first Toy Story film, who was nicknamed Eggman. The A113 sign refers to the Californian Institute of Arts classroom number A113, which is where students of character animation study.

A record player references the Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining. It plays “Midnight and You” which is heard the end of the movie. Fans of the film are trying to discover more Eater eggs.

Lancashire antique shops are different from Second Chance Antiques. Don’t expect to find hidden Easter eggs, but you will see fine examples of antique sofas, chests, cabinets and much more.

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